Sikh or Hindu Bride Getting ready
December 3, 2021
Time Allocation: 3 Hours (including family shots)
No matter the culture, preparation of the bride and groom for any wedding ceremony takes a large chunk of time! Getting ready is quite important while planning as any delay can mess up the schedule of your wedding day. Make sure to speak with your Makeup and Hair artist to ensure the schedule has been communicated. Always keep 15-30 min buffer in case of any delays in Makeup or Hair process. Following are the most common shots that we take:
Makeup shots: We usually start with capturing these shots. Let the makeup artist know about this if you interested in these shots.
Chunni/Dupatta/Veil shots: We also take some portraits during while the dupatta is not pinned. For shots of the dupatta being placed, we ask either the mother or sisters of the bride to take part in this.
Family shots: I recommend keeping aside about 30min to take family shots. This is the time you are surrounded by the most intimate and closest of family and friends and separate from the hubbub of the crowds of the rest of your wedding. Plan and communicate with your family to make sure they are ready. Also, make sure any family members who are coming to your place in morning, arrive on time to avoid any delays.
Portrait shots: The celebrity of the day, bride’s portrait shots can bring out the charm and grace while making her comfortable in the spotlight. We tend to use the backdrop from the home décor or use natural light outside or by the window.
Pro Tip: Keep aside around 40min to 1 hour for bridal portraits. Ask everyone to vacate the area to avoid distraction.
We hope this guide helps you more from your getting ready portraits and helps you communicating with your photographer. These are beautiful pictures that you will cherish forever.
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