5 important tips for a Muslim Mehndi event.
Organization or Planning
A successful event simply comes down to how much an event was planned. Mehndi is the most happening event as there are so many festivities involved that coordination and communication becomes key in its successful execution. Click here to download Mehndi Itinerary template and adjust it accordingly. 
Pro Tip: Remember to distribute responsibilities. The wedding party is responsible for helping the couple plan, keeping them sane and cheering them on during the event. 
Songs set the tone of your event. It's the music that energizes the crowd and puts everyone in the mood. Therefore, playing the relevant music is critical and can be hard to find, especially if this is your first time organizing the event. Click here for the list of songs for Mehndi event.
Couple portraits and Group pictures. 
In the midst of all the activities, the couple's portraits are often forgotten. Remember to coordinate this with your photographer and provide them with the time and opportunity to take some portraits. 
After the portraits, the group pictures can take over. This can be done during dinner time. Coordinate with the close family members so they are the first ones to get their pictures taken.
Pro Tip: Depending on the number of guests, the group pictures can be time consuming. Therefore, take help from a close family member to organize it (and know when to stop).
Dance performances. 
A mehndi event isn't complete without dance performances. The key is to put on all the dance performances in order on the itinerary to avoid any confusion during the event. Although it may not be possible, but doing a rehearsal dance performance prior to the event date with all the performers can help identify any unknown errors. 
Pro Tip: Make sure the position/placement of the performers is centered based on the dance floor so they won’t look off-centered in the pictures. 
Pro Tip: While working on the remix of the songs, keeping about a 10-15 sec gap between different performances gives some time for next performers to switch and take their positions.
Pro tip: Typically guests move the chairs close to the dance floor for a better view. Keep in mind the space is enough for the performers and the photographers and videographers to move around. 
Open Dance Floor
Having an open dance floor gives everyone a chance to dance, especially, if opened right after the performances. Make sure to communicate with your DJ to provide him with the suggestions of the songs.
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