10 Most frequently asked questions regarding
pre-wedding or engagement photoshoots.
Dec 30, 2022
Why should we do an engagement session?
This will help you understand what to expect on the wedding day. It will make you comfortable in front of the camera and posing. It will also help us understand your likes and dislikes. Plus, you can use these for “save the date” cards, wedding slideshows, signature frame and guest book album.
How many hours do you recommend?
Depending upon the outfits and locations, it can take 2-4 hours. Typically, a 2 hours shoot covers single location and single outfits. A 4-hour shoot usually has 2 locations and 2 outfits. Variations in the same outfit can be done in both cases to ensure variety.
Is a split-shoot possible? 
If you would like to split the 4 hours shoot into 2 shoots of 2 hours each spreading over multiple days and multiple locations then, Yes, it's possible. We do recommend informing us of this requirement during the quotation stage. 
Where will the location be?
Burlington, Hamilton and Milton have numerous parks, lakes and creeks. Toronto is famous for architectural and vintage buildings. Farms can include Sunflower farms, lavender farms, etc. Indoor spots can also be booked during extreme weather. It is ideal that the location should be discussed during the quotation stage as there could be travel charges. Click here to find the list of locations that best suits your desire.
Are the locations paid? Do we need to acquire a photography permit? 
Indoor photography studios require bookings. While most of the outdoor locations are free, certain locations do need permits to shoot. It is the couple’s responsibility to acquire any permits required, however, we will gladly assist you with the process. 
What should I wear to a pre-wedding shoot?
One formal dress is recommended. Remaining outfits can be casual formal. T-shirts, sports shoes, polo shorts, half-sleeve shirts generally don't look great. You can also bring traditional clothes. Wear clothes and accessories that complement each other. Pinterest has great suggestions.
How many outfits should I take?
We recommend bringing 2 complete outfits, however, throw in some add-ons as well. This will bring more variety to the photoshoot. 
For Her:
For example, bring a different pair of heels, shoes, or something to go over the dress. Don’t forget the matching lip colours, earrings, bracelets, watches and necklaces. 
For Him:
Similarly, men can bring multiple shirts, shoes, watches and blazers. Don't forget to bring the matching socks and belts.
What time of the day will suit the best?
Typically, during sunset (the golden hour). The light during this time is the best. This can be discussed as the timings can vary based on the climate and number of hours. 
How many pictures will I get?
There is no limit to the number of pictures we take. Therefore, no limit on the number of final pictures. A 4-hour shoot can result in anywhere from 70-100 edited pictures and a 2-hour shoot can result in 35-50 pictures.
Will you tell us how to pose?
Yes, of course. I always provide clear instructions and suggestions to bring the best out of the couple. I like to take a mix of candid and posed. Feel free to send us any suggestions of the poses that you might like.
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